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What to wear the day of your shoot plus all the details!

Clothing choices and hair are very important to the outcome of your shoot!  That being said, your clothing should reflect your family’s personality.  It’s important to be yourself and be comfortable!  Here are some helpful tips…

Wear:  Solid Colors – in general, solid colors are safe.  Accessories that represent your personal style.  Long dresses always photograph well.  Two to Three Colors which will add dimension.  Pre-tested patterns – Lay your clothes out to see how they will look on camera to be sure.

Don’t Wear:  Plaid and Paisley – Busy fabrics look just that – busy and do not produce well in an image.  Wide horizontal stripes that can distort your shape.  Reflective Fabrics (like high-gloss vinyl, rubber, plastic-like fabrics) as they can act like a mirror in photos, ending up with big spots from the reflection of the flash.  Sequins – the reflections from the flash can spill out onto your skin.  White – White can get blown out in photos, especially when using flash or strobe lights.

Colors:  Pick two or three colors and wear different shades of it.  Coordinate the colors, you don’t have to match.  Go for clothes that compliment each other – simple is best!  Please wear more than one color to add dimension to your portrait.  I love layers and COLOR!  You can add a nice splash of color with a bright scarf, shoes, hats and accessories.  If your little boy or husband wears a colorful pattern shirt, then pick one of the colors from the shirt and wear that solid color along with some accessories.  Cool color combos are blues with orange, yellows with grey, greens and blues…Please avoid white as it tends to get blown out in photographs.

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